One big difference between the two, however

By William S. Bike

The manager of the Chicago National League ballclub was grumpy and irascible. Around the National League, lots of players, managers, umpires, and fans couldn’t stand him — and loved it when his team lost. …

It wasn’t in 1969

By William S. Bike

Chicago Cubs fans painfully remember all of the epic Cub collapses — except for one.

There was the Cubs’ collapse of 1970, a year in which they were five games ahead, only to finish five games behind. There were the collapses of 1973 and 1977; in…

By William S. Bike

Jimmy Wood was the first Chicago Cub.

The team known today as the Chicago Cubs originally was called the Chicago White Stockings, having also been known also as the Colts and Orphans for a few years before being renamed the Cubs in 1903. Even before the…

Call For Fair, Compassionate Treatment of Haitians Fleeing Crisis

A coalition of 17 state attorneys general in sent a letter on Sept. 23 to President Joe Biden and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security, expressing concern over the treatment of thousands of Haitian refugees currently seeking humanitarian aid along the border in Texas. …

Media and Democrats Complicit Through Silence

By William S. Bike

The mainstream media and the public seem to believe that because former President Donald Trump has been banned from social media, he has been effectively silenced, only occasionally making public comments at one of his rallies or on a rare Fox News appearance.

Nothing could be…

By William S. Bike

Liberals and conservatives alike are starting to call President Joe Biden a new Franklin Delano Roosevelt — a president proposing programs that are so big and bold that, if enacted, they will transform the American way of life.

Well, not quite. If liberals want such a…

By William S. Bike

After Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia, because the state passed restrictions on voting, Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mike Lee drafted legislation to end MLB’s anti-trust exemption.

Why does MLB have such an exemption, anyway?

Major League Baseball received…

By William S. Bike

If Chicago White Sox outfielder Minnie Minoso was the Jackie Robinson of Latino baseball players, blazing a path to the major leagues for Latinos as Robinson did for African Americans, then Juan Pizarro was the Don Newcombe of Latino pitchers. Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers was…

By William S. Bike

Traditionally, a one-term American president who not only failed to win a second term but lost the Congress for his party would be done politically.

That’s what happened to Jimmy Carter after 1980, when he failed to win a second term and took his party down…

Is the impeachment trial of now private-citizen Donald Trump in the United States Senate constitutional? Democrats of course say yes; Republicans of course say no.

But Republicans want to have it both ways. Once the U. S. House of Representatives impeached Trump on Jan. 13, the Republicans, who controlled the…

William S. Bike

Author of "Winning Political Campaigns," a how-to book on all aspects of political campaigning, and commentator on history and baseball.

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